Building AVA Borealis


Run AVA Borealis!

Run AVA Borealis!

The codebase of the AVA platform is now available to the world! It has been released as an open-source project. The AVA community is conducting developer outreach. We invite you to make your first steps with AVA by installing and running a local private testnet, deploying your own faucet, and interacting with the AVA wallet.


Follow the instructions below, starting with:
How to Install and Run AVA Borealis
The AVA Platform Tools — Pt. 1, The AVA Wallet
The AVA Platform Tools — Pt. 2, The AVA Faucet

Great! You now have a funded wallet and you can do some test transactions.
You can find out how to do that in the AVA docs:

Need help? 
Hop into the AVA Discord and ask the devs for assistance:

Would you like to do more?
We are launching the Developer Accelerator Program to foster engagement from the community of creators, open-source developers, bug hunters, and security engineers. For this first phase, we are inviting everyone on a bug hunt! Every submission is an opportunity to earn up to $50,000! 

Submit screenshots with proof of completion
2000 AVA Points rewarded per valid entry
0.1 Reputation rewarded per valid entry
1 entry per user

Published on: 12/03/2020


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